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Jack Lerch,  Owner
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About JLG Enterprises Inc
Our business started on the road in a station wagon and a rented laboratory in Oakdale.  Our initial goal was to provide a custom semen service for the dairymen and cattlemen in the state of California.  We felt providing a good quality product, along with excellent service was what the dairy and cattle industry needed.  

​Since then we have expanded to our location on Sierra road in Oakdale.  We currently house over 250 bulls and ship semen and embryos worldwide.  We still provide offsite collections to our customers at their ranches.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
​" THREE INITIALS...TWO MEN ... ONE PURPOSE" (January 2009 Holstein World) by Carolina Evangelo

Jack and Larry met in 1972 while working in the production department of Carnation Genetics.  We became good friends and decided in April of 1975 to start a custom semen business in California. We got the name JLG from the first initials of both our first and last names (Jack Lerch is JL and Larry Gerber is LG). 
Jack's Grand Kids
The Next Generation
Upon Larry's retirement, an opportunity arose for Jack's daughter and son-in-law, Tug and Julie Franssen, to join the team at JLG Enterprises.  Tug has a bachelors degree in Animal Science from Chico State University. Julie has a Associates degree in Accounting from Valley Commercial College.  She also attended Chico State majoring in Animal Science. Tug and Julie are involved in the management of JLG Enterprises. 

Larry Gerber , Judy Lerch and Jack Lerch
2010 California Senior Breeder of the Year 
Jack Lerch & Larry Gerber-JLG Holsteins
From ​The Home of the "Greats"
On February 5, 2010 JLG Holsteins was awarded the 2010 Senior Breeder Award in California by our friend the late great Doug Maddox. The cow that had the major influence and became the foundation of  JLG's breeding program was  Sleepy-Hollow Mark Great #1 ET  EX-92. "Great" was the 1990 California State Holstein Grand Champion.  Her life time production was 151,640m  3.7%   5.614 Fat  3.3%  3172 protein.  "Great" was voted by the California Holstein Breeders as the  3rd  most influential cow in the 2000 California's Cow of the Century Contest.  The "Great " family has been bred and developed into 7 generations of EX Dams with "Great" being the 3rd in line.  Her greatest accomplishment was her son JLG Grandslam-ET.  Grandslam was the #1 udder composite bull in the United States for 14 consecutive Sire Summaries in the 90's.

 Thank you Kip & Marilyn Herzog/Sleepy-Hollow Dairy for giving us the opportunity to purchase and develop this great cow family. 

We have  been a constant supporter of the California Holstein State Convention and California State Holstein Show. Below  is a picture of Julie and Tug Franssen  presenting Grand Champion Award to Airosa Dairy, Tipton CA

Congratulations! Airosa Dairy
Larry Gerber retired in 2011 and is still very active in the dairy industry. He is working with Ron Pietersma Legend Dairy Farms continuing to use his knowledge in genetic development.
Sleepy-Hollow Mark Great #1-ET EX-92
Tug  Franssen, Julie Franssen and Jack Lerch
​Larry Gerber, Jack Lerch and Doug Maddox
JLG Grandslam
Tug, Julie and Amber Franssen